Feels Like Home

I met the people the most spontaneous I ever met and guess what? There are Irish!

One day one of my friend met an Irish couple in the middle of the Connemara, asked for a ride and they mutually fell in love. Two weeks later she was invited to join the family for a week-end in Waterford, so I was. I know I don’t miss a thing. :)

But I was wondering “how someone you barely know could be so friendly?” You can guess I had never seen that before.

After 2h30 sitting on the bus, we finally arrived and our host Margaret (that’s her name) was standing there enthusiastically. We had a quick-lunch and visited a Museum, kind of museum of the history of the city. Then we went home, about 6 km away, in the countryside.

Well as soon as I crossed the door of their country house, I felt like home, welcoming and charming by all what I was surrounding by.

During the first night we had snacks and drinks in Margaret’s friend house. Because Margaret and her husband are part of an exchange city with the city of Nantes ( they are visiting once a year since 4 years), we have met as many French as Irish people. Happy to have met Irish people  young and elder, women whom moved to Ireland for their husbands, guys whom told us their experiences… happy to meet kind people. Country is otherwise.

Next day, we saw The Loftus Hall in Wexford said to have been haunted by the devil and by the ghost of a young woman, after we’ve been to Hook lighthouse and we walked along the cliffs with the cows, low wall by low wall until Slade Castle. We left the first to prepare the diner with Margaret, about 14 guests that was a worked to do. With Pauline we became the best potatoes peelers ever!

Blogger's Picture- Hook Fireplace

Blogger’s Picture- Hook Lighthouse

The diner went very well, and people were interesting, I could have listen to them all night long. I talked to a woman (sorry can’t remember her name) and she told me a lot about her, and she encouraged me to keep swimming. Later I’ve heard she’s swimming in the river which is drawing the limit between Kilkenny and Waterford, every morning. Must be cold! She also promised me to send me the recipe of a carrot cake. ;)

Next morning we stayed at home while everybody went at work. How many people are ready to let their house to strangers? We cleaned everything. We didn’t want our hosts to clean  after their work.

After a round in town (not so many things to see) we took back the bus but before Margaret went to see us saying a last goodbye.

And I told to myself what a wonderful world!


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